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We all hit rough patches when learning and that’s where I can help. As a tutor, I can help you excel in Math/Physics at a high school level or help you to reach your Singing goals with private lessons.

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Maths/Physics Tuition

Maths and Physics can be challenging, but with the right help, it can be a stepping stone to greater things. These subjects don’t come naturally to everyone and if you’re struggling, then ongoing tuition sessions could be just what you need to master these subjects and form a strong foundation for future study or everyday life.

As a Maths/Physics Tutor, I can assist with all secondary Maths and Physics and with transition to tertiary level. I can also assist students from overseas who find understanding the English language makes their study of mathematics difficult

Singing Lessons

Learning to sing is, not only an enjoyable and satisfying experience, but is also a great way to improve your singing and gain confidence.

My teaching emphasizes the basics; primal sound, postural alignment, breathing (accent method) and support. I also help students to work on beauty of tone, clear vowel sounds, articulation, shape of phrase, word colour, consistency throughout range, artistry and performance.

Whether you’re having a specific problem with your singing, preparing for a competition or just interested in developing your voice, I can help you achieve your vocal goals.

Pricing Information

Tuition Costs

60 minute session $50 inc. GST
45 minute session $40 inc. GST
30 minute session $30 inc. GST

Your First
2 Sessions

Sessions can be cancelled with 24 hours notice and if you are unable to attend a lesson, please text or call 0429 899 332 to contact me.

There may be other costs associated with tuition which can include music, accompanists, learning resources or competitions. Most of these are optional and can be discussed.

About Me

Me and My History

Before starting as a private tutor, I taught maths and science in Queensland schools for over thirty years. At the same time, I pursued various singing interests and provided private singing lessons to many students.

I’m a Bachelor Degree Qualified, registered Maths/Science Teacher and hold multiple singing based Diplomas as well as being a member of ANATS.

Teaching and imparting knowledge has been my life focus for as long as I can remember and I thoroughly enjoy helping students gain understanding and confidence which ultimately leads to success.

Contact Me to get started

Contact me to get started

Every journey starts with a first step, so why not contact me now to discuss how private tuition can help you or your child learn to sing or master Maths and Physics.

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